Get Creative

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Wondering how to become more creative in your work and other dimensions of your life? Michael Michalko offers advice in the form of Twelve Things You Were Not Taught In School About Creativity.

Here is his list:

  • You are creative.
  • Creative thinking is work.
  • You must go through the motions of being creative.
  • Your brain is not a computer.
  • There is no one right answer.
  • Never stop with your first good answer.
  • Expect the experts to be negative.
  • Trust your instincts.
  • There is no such thing as failure.
  • You do not see things as they are; you see them as you are.
  • Always approach a problem on its own terms.
  • Learn to think unconventionally.

Be sure to read the entire article to understand how to position yourself to be your most creative.

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