Rules for News in the Age of the Artificial

Slate with the words follow the rules
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

David Bauder has written about the new guidelines issued by the Associated Press for news writers. With growing concern about the use and misuse of artificial intelligence, these rules are intended to prevent AI from being used to generate content, including text and images. The one exception is when the story is about the use of AI and the generated content is used to illustrate the technology. The AP is adding a chapter on the appropriate use of AI to its stylebook for authors. It emphasizes that individuals are responsible for the accuracy of the content they author. Guidelines of this type should minimize the distribution of false information through news sources though much depends on the human authors who prepare and distribute the news. We can expect to see more mechanisms for governing the application of AI as professions that have long been a source of standards adapt to the new AI tool set.

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