The Tutoria Model for Self-Directed Learning

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

C.M. Rubin discusses the Redes de Tutoria education movement and interviews a key practitioner of it in this report that highlights how the Tutoria avoids the standard approach of mass education in favor of self-directed inquiry learning projects or Temas. The movement has expanded and is now in South America, the US, and Southeast Asia.

Students work on Temas with guidance from a teacher. In contrast to the standard work in typical schools, each student can work on a different project. When the Tema is completed, the student presents the final product to the other students in the class. This sharing process creates a shared learning culture among the students in the school community.

The Tutoria model offers a way to think about supporting self-directed learning and an approach that is decidedly different than the dominant form of contemporary schooling.

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