Data Analytics Research

Automating Policy Formation

Translating the results of research on learning into policy may require an understanding of the particular context and the policymaking conventions of the relevant jurisdiction. There is likely to be value in knowing the specific […]

Distance Learning

Shocking OPM News!

Okay, let me make my surprise face. Recent discussions of online education keying off from a very thorough discussion of OPMs and their role in maintaining the high cost of higher education by Kevin Carey […]

Data Analytics Research

Automating Reporting

The methods of reporting on research have been honed over many, many years. Accordingly, the reporting forms and formats favored by researchers are well articulated and reinforced by reviewers as part of the peer review […]

Data Analytics Research

Automating Data Analysis

Analyzing data to examine one or more hypotheses and address the research problem or question is often considered the heart of any investigation. In most educational research conducted today the analysis is a manual operation. […]