Advances in Cheating

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As if the world needs more superficial compilations of existing information regardless of the authenticity of sources, behold ChatGPT, the AI Chat-bot that is creating a stir and capturing the attention of millions as well as the established institutions that rely on text responses ranging from student assignments to business presentations. Like most new technologies, it is likely to go through a period where it is employed for both appropriate and inappropriate purposes before conventions form to guide use and developers make adjustments to overcome limitations that only become clear once something is in widespread use.

Educational institutions including k-12 school and colleges and universities are beginning to mount responses to this new tool now within the reach of most students. Some are banning use of ChatGPT while others are rethinking how they structure and administer assignments. And, of course, one student has even developed an application to detect when ChatGPT has been used to write an essay. This follows in the tradition of identifying and ferreting out behavior deemed to be “cheating”. Overlooked in all of this is the massive, comprehensive, automated “cheating” that is ChatGPT itself.

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