AI In the University – UC Tackles Appropriate Use

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Confronted with the growing use of artificial intelligence in its operations, the University of California created a Presidential Working Group to develop institutional policies for the responsible use of AI. The working group has issued a report with recommendations to guide the UC’s artificial intelligence strategy. The working group considered the use of AI in four key areas of university operations: Health, Human Resources, Policing, and the Student Experience. The working group identified eight principles of the responsible use of AI at the University: 1 ) Appropriateness, 2) Transparency, 3) Accuracy, Reliability, and Safety, 4) Fairness and Non-Discrimination, 5) Privacy and Security, 6) Human Values, 7) Shared Benefit and Prosperity, and 8) Accountability.

The UC initiative offers an instructive example of how standards for the use of artificial intelligence might be developed at the institutional level. Standards within institutions may be particularly important because it is at this level that they might be applied and enforced most directly.

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