Technology and Human Development 2022

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In this journey instructors and students will use the project method to explore the role of technology in human development at multiple times and scales. The journey is organized around a set of projects. Themes and resources are provided for each project, but students are encouraged to go beyond those provided to explore widely.  For each project the readings and resources will explore the history, impact, and current examples of technologies intended to augment human capacities and development. Students completing the course should appreciate a broader theoretical perspective on technology as it relates to human development as the foundation for more creative and innovative thinking about the continuing evolution of technology.

The four projects are designed to create a framework for thinking about technology and human development at the societal, institutional, and personal levels. At each level selected topic are introduced to provide examples to illustrate general principles and serve as a foundation for additional research and exploration. The four projects are:

Project 1 – Defining Technology and Human Development

Project 2 – Societal Perspectives

Project 3 – Institutional Perspectives

Project 4 – Interpersonal Perspectives

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