Online Teacher / On-Campus Students

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Sometimes hybrids are awkward, ineffective, and out of place. At other times they combine the best of quite different breeds into something with unique capacity and impact. As educational institutions attempt to bridge the physical and digital settings for learning, either outcome is possible. Now is the time to address the challenge of creating hybrid experiences.

With colleges and universities having broken many barriers to online learning as a result of being forced to close campuses in the pandemic, there is renewed interest in techniques for reaching students at a distance as well as students on campus, often in the same course. Moreover, campus-based institutions are finding themselves considering how to involve instructors and guest lecturers who may be at a distance. This all means that there is interest in new models and formats.

A recent guest appearance by gaming expert Devin Nash to a live streaming class illustrates one model for this sort of combining of online and on campus learning.

Watch the way the ways in which Nash sets up the environment and uses a simple set of tools to deliver the talk and engage the class. What seem to be the key elements in making this work for learning?

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