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Taking Teaching Back

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Earlier I highlighted the innovative work of Sean Willems shared in a paper in which he described building his home teaching studio. Now Sean and his colleagues Andrew Lo and Brian Stevens have shared an updated case titled World of EdCraft in which they report on the development of their teaching studios and discuss their online teaching approaches. The paper provides an in-depth look at their individual studios, including inventories of the hardware and software they have assembled. In addition, they explain how they use the particular elements of the studios to support their individual teaching styles.

Beyond the paper they have also posted a set of videos in which they describe the development of their studios and their use. All of the videos are worth reviewing. You can begin reviewing them by starting with the following videos for each instructor:

Sean Willems

Brian Stevens

Andrew Lo

These cases highlight a number of interesting issues, both those entailed in the very practical aspects of creating a teaching studio and those connected to the relationship between settings and learning opportunities. Perhaps the most provocative issues concern the relationship between teaching and location, both physical location and institutional location. Much has been written about the opportunities that online learning presents for established educational institutions, but online learning may present even more opportunities for individual teachers and the prospects for unleashing an entirely new class of educational resources. Sean, Brian, and Andrew have chosen the title World of EdCraft as a way of recognizing the contributions of the gaming community to developing approaches to engage audiences online, but their work also does much to suggest the potential of the craft of teaching to move learning forward.

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