Lab Notes

Remote Tools

As we explore the ways to enhance our capacities for working remotely, it is worth considering the range of tools now available to facilitate remote processes. With that in mind, check out Remote Tools, a […]

Lab Notes

What Makes Agile Work?

Adopting agile work practices requires a serious investment of time and attention as does maintaining and strengthening an agile workplace culture of support. But is the effort worthwhile? A column in Forbes reviews some recent […]

Lab Notes

Agile Governance

With the pace of change accelerating and technologies growing to global scale more rapidly than ever before, and with those emerging technologies carrying political implications, interest in more agile approaches to policy making appears to […]

Data Analytics Research

Data for No Good

According to the Washington Post Editorial Board, China has turned its Xinjiang province into a zone of repression where a variety of data science techniques and types of data are being combined to create the ultimate […]