Lab Notes

Get Creative

Wondering how to become more creative in your work and other dimensions of your life? Michael Michalko offers advice in the form of Twelve Things You Were Not Taught In School About Creativity. Here is […]

Data Analytics Research

Fashioning AI for Children

Many products and services that impact children directly or indirectly incorporate artificial intelligence. A recent report by the World Economic Forum includes a toolkit for those involved in developing systems, for those in corporate roles […]

Distance Learning

Zoom You Consequences

Wondering why it feels strange to look at yourself in an online video session? It turns out that there are some mental health consequences from this experience connected with heightened self-objectification. Moreover, as Roxanne Felig […]

Data Analytics Research

AI Fairness?

Despite the many calls for monitoring and improving the fairness of artificially intelligent applications, the problems they present may be more complicated and thus more challenging to address than is generally assumed. Writing in Vox, […]

Distance Learning

Online On the Fence

Writing in Educause Review, Perry Samson tells an interesting, and perhaps common, story of how students negotiate the question of face-to-face vs online class formats. Although many express a preference for face-to-face classes, in practice […]